I’m a big proponent of telling it how it is. That’s why you can count on Debt Freeks to give you the truth when it comes to your money and your freedom. So what if the rest of the world started telling it like it is regarding borrowed money?

Below are a few examples that you might find amusing. The truth is, ownership only counts when you don’t owe anyone a damn thing for what you have. Take the “owe” out of “ownership,” and don’t borrow money to buy things, because then they aren’t really yours.

Enjoy this theoretical foray into the land of financial honesty:

We Hear: “We just bought a sweet new car, isn’t it rad?” (OK maybe you would have heard this in the early ’90s)
We Should Hear: “Our bank just bought this sweet new car and they’re letting us drive it! It will actually be mine in five to ten years by which time I will have paid over twice its future value. Want to take a drive?”

We Hear: “My family just bought a great house in a perfect neighborhood!”
We Should Hear: “No, it’s not mine, it’s the bank’s, but they let us live in it. It will be ours in thirty years, but the bank will likely have to take it back, since we agreed to let them set the interest rate wherever they want. No, no, they promised us they wouldn’t change the rate until we were really comfortable here. Want to come by and see the yard I just trimmed with American Express’s sweet new electric mower they let me use?”

We Hear: “I just graduated from college!”
We Should Hear: “I’ll be paying for the knowledge and experiences I just gained for the next twenty years. Sorry, I can’t join your fantastically profitable start-up company, I really need a more “stable” job since I have all these payments, but it sounds like a great idea.”

These silly examples are mostly just for fun, but they do reflect how we willingly sacrifice our freedom for the illusion of ownership. Can you think of any other statements of financial honesty? Share yours in the comments.

Until Next Time,
Do Brave Deeds and Endure,
– Ben at Debt Freeks

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