Debt Freeks is excited to share this important information: the US Department of education declared January 5th a day of action for people to learn about their student loan options.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about how to get help paying off your student loans. There are also many companies that offer you assistance with setting up a payment plan with your lender. The problem is, they will charge you to do this when you could do it by yourself, for free, and in less time. Irritatingly, disreputable companies are happy to take your hard-earned money to give you information that is freely and readily available. Take my advice, and just go right to the source.

Check out to learn about the different payment plans available, get tools and tips, and find out if you qualify for loan forgiveness and relief programs. Share this information with other people who are paying off student loans too, so they don’t get ripped off.

Remember that Debt Freeks will never charge you to access free information. Debt Freeks’ personalized financial coaching service is about empowering people through the process of achieving debt-freedom. Finding new ways to look at old problems is what we do, and we have your best interest in mind each step of the way. We can show you how you can give yourself a raise by re-working your budget and exceeding the bounds of payment plans that you already have.

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– Ben at Debt Freeks