When is zero not zero? When you set a zero number in your checking account! This week we’re talking about what a zero number is and why you need one. Setting a balance that you treat as if it were zero can add tons of peace of mind and flexibility to your life, and keep… Read More

How to be great at money, you ask? Great question! Let’s break down what “great at money” looks like, then “hack the loop” to see where to improve on typical situations. To me, being great at money looks like this: Cash flow positive every month 4 months’ expenses saved for the unexpected Actively saving to… Read More

Good news if you’re looking to take the first step towards living your ultimate life: Debt Freeks is starting up a brand new way to connect – personalized coaching! The new coaching platform is geared for people who want to remove money as an obstacle to achieving their goals. You’ll have access to a personal… Read More

Hey, Everyone! I’m stoked to let you know that in September, I earned my Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) credential from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). As a CCUFC I have a background of knowledge in solid financial tools to use for things like expense management, goal-setting, debt elimination, insurance basics, and investing… Read More

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Save and make more money in school to debt-proof your education

This list is a collection of effective things I have personally done or observed that will help you graduate college with zero debt. Your goal is to get fired up and motivated to slash spending, boost income, and make decisions that will allow you to graduate without debt as well. It’s seriously the way to… Read More