It’s no secret that saving is important, and that I’m a huge proponent of saving on time, on purpose (paying yourself first). It’s also no secret that saving is a habit that’s really hard to master. If you’re like me, building up a starter security fund or bank account cushion can feel like scaling Everest.… Read More

When is zero not zero? When you set a zero number in your checking account! This week we’re talking about what a zero number is and why you need one. Setting a balance that you treat as if it were zero can add tons of peace of mind and flexibility to your life, and keep… Read More

So what do you do when you make good money, but can’t seem to save for your goals? Great question! I’m going to talk about three things you can do to get your money to do what you really want it to do, and only one involves math (sweet!) 1. Get really, painfully, specific about… Read More

In the last wealth post we talked about the two keys to unlocking wealth: 1.¬†Decreasing Expenses, and 2. Increasing Passive Income. This time, we’ll take a look at the Expenses side of things. Decreasing expenses is a surefire way to get closer to wealth and set yourself up for safely building passive income. I think… Read More

Here are three widespread savings myths that are derailing your goals and how to stop them. Saving money is already hard enough. The threat of misinformation just makes it harder. I want to reveal three surprisingly popular myths that keep you from reaching your savings potential, and then provide you with a few ideas about… Read More

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of sharing costs and reducing risk and waste. Taking a few cues from economics shows us that reducing the amount of money we tie up in stagnant resources is good for our finances. Read on to find out how you can save serious money by sharing a little every now… Read More

There’s a power struggle taking place in this country right now.¬† I’m not talking about the election or politics at all. Regardless of your political leanings, there are entities that want to shift the power over your money from your control to theirs. Banks, advertising agencies, credit card companies, and other people who do not… Read More