It’s no secret that saving is important, and that I’m a huge proponent of saving on time, on purpose (paying yourself first). It’s also no secret that saving is a habit that’s really hard to master. If you’re like me, building up a starter security fund or bank account cushion can feel like scaling Everest.… Read More

When you want to get better at something, what do you do? Do you take a class, talk to someone who’s done it, maybe listen to podcasts? Usually, when I want to improve a skill, I read a book. But when I was a career counselor, it was my job to help people get better… Read More


Have you ever had an “aha!” moment that really rocked your perspective? I had one last month, and you may find it helpful too, since we’re starting a new year. It’s similar to my post about why I threw out my Tupperware. Bottom line: Clutter Sucks! When your life is cluttered, there are a ton… Read More


Generosity is Awesome. I know a few people who just exude generosity, and I definitely want to be like them. But a lot of the time it’s hard to be generous, especially with our busy lives and tight budgets. But being generous is so important, and the benefits are so great – it’s such a… Read More

Debt Sucks. Not only does it suck to be in debt, but debt sucks away your hard-earned income too! Debt is constantly giving your income the vampire treatment, and it’s hard to do what you love as long as it’s around. So you owe someone some money. Could be a student loan, could be a… Read More

Habits – they’re what make up our lives. Consistent, automatic actions and choices that help things run smoothly and protect our mind’s processing power. Today let’s talk a little bit about the money habits that we’re carrying around and when it might be time to change them. College Habits Like many people, my wife and… Read More

After nearly three years of marriage, my wife and I had our first real lover’s quarrel over money. We thought avoiding debt, saving a large portion of our income, and living well below our means meant we’d never have such a dispute, but we didn’t expect to encounter this particular issue.  Our disagreement might be… Read More

This is a transcription of a presentation delivered by Ben Blanchard from Debt Freeks to two groups of high school students at a business skills conference on December 12, 2017 at Klamath Community College. A big thank you to KCC for putting on this event, and an even bigger thank you to my great friend… Read More

How to be great at money, you ask? Great question! Let’s break down what “great at money” looks like, then “hack the loop” to see where to improve on typical situations. To me, being great at money looks like this: Cash flow positive every month 4 months’ expenses saved for the unexpected Actively saving to… Read More

One of my favorite topics to discuss is the mindset of abundance vs scarcity. I don’t know why. It could be years of being sort of an Eeyore type, until I decided to change my point of view, or it could be that our culture seems obsessed with scarcity, and that’s just irritating when we’re… Read More