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The Power of ONE: Why I Threw Out My Tupperware

Just pick ONE! That’s the “secret” to simplifying your life and freeing you to focus on what you really want. Avoid “paralysis by analysis” by choosing one method and sticking with it for a while. I figured this out after … Continue reading

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Do Work You Love

Do work that matters and have fun doing it. Getting hired at a place you’re interested in may feel daunting, but really it can be quite simple. Think you’ll never be able to work at an awesome company that’s doing … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Beat Financial Stress

Do you want to get more done at work or at home? Want to get ahead and make more money? Find ways to get rid of financial stress! Read more to find out how!

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Dealing With Detractors

There are plenty of people who will try to dissuade you from seeking financial security through debt freedom. These people might say things like: Debt is just a way of life Debt is a tool that will let you get … Continue reading

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Pay Off Student Loans 3x Faster With One Simple Trick

Are you a student in Oregon with student loans and a part-time job? You could pay off your loans three times faster than your peers by doing just one thing. Let me fill you in on this little secret.

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Know Your Student Loan Options – Don’t Pay For Free Information

Debt Freeks is excited to share this important information: the US Department of education declared January 5th a day of action for people to learn about their student loan options. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Stick to a New-Year’s Resolution

Do you have a resolution you want to stick to this year? Maybe you have a fitness goal, a relationship goal, or some professional progress you want to make. Perhaps you want to finally get rid of those stubborn student … Continue reading

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Advice From a President – Work Hard, Live Free

The following words from great American President Calvin Coolidge represent a profound truth: Freedom is being able to enjoy the rewards your work produces.

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The Bridge Principle – Pay Ahead, Reduce Risk

Risk reduction is something we are all familiar with, as is getting a “jump start” on a project. I’d like to show you what I did to reduce the risks of paying for college while getting ahead financially. This principle … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Debt-Proof Your Degree

This list is a collection of effective things I have personally done or observed that will help you graduate college with zero debt. Your goal is to get fired up and motivated to slash spending, boost income, and make decisions … Continue reading

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