Do You Have a Plan Yet?

Debt Freeks was founded in 2016 to empower students, families, and businesses to change their destinies by mastering their finances. Since that time we have helped people visualize their money and careers in a brand new way. So far, we have helped our friends and neighbors plan to pay off over two hundred thousand dollars of debt (and counting) and start living like they were meant to live – free.

We get super excited about showing people new ways they can achieve their life goals, attain financial freedom, and reach their full potential.

We’re changing the conversation about money by offering inspiring service and real-world methods that really work. When you work with Debt Freeks, you’re getting fully customized advice made just for you based on years of experience and training, not just a series of trite form letters or e-books. You’re getting us.

What People Are Saying

Taking the first step toward changing your financial life is so powerful. Real actions with real results that make a difference for people is what we’re about.

“One of the things I found most helpful was when you [gave] me three options with timelines of how to get out of debt….This process caused me to really do some soul searching about my goals and what is most important to me. Identifying goals then developing a plan to help achieve those goals is very exciting…thank you for your help Ben!” – Vivian from Oregon

Debt Freeks was created to empower people like Vivian (and you), to beat debt, master money, and start living their ultimate life.

…Thanks for All the Fish

It all started when I realized that going $100K in debt for my college degree was a bad idea. I realized I had to do something different or my future would be full of stress, anxiety, and missed opportunities. I didn’t want to be “average,” I wanted to be awesome!

So I changed schools and took a term off to work at a fish processing plant in Alaska. I earned enough to pay off the student loans I had amassed. I’m so proud of destroying my student debt from the inside, that I still have the paid-in-full letter hanging on my wall. That was the exact moment my life changed for good. It was then that I realized that I wanted to help other people avoid “average” financial lives.

Our Story

Having a written financial plan for over nine years has allowed my wife and I to manage our money and our lives with Insight, Intelligence, and Inspiration, and we want to share our proven methods with you! We have been able to do some amazing things. Having a written plan that measures what is truly important makes it easy to visualize your goals, chart a course to reach them, and weather any storm.

When we first started out, we agreed to never borrow money. This was the best choice we could have made, because we retain full control over our future. We read a bunch of financial books, developed a budget, and practiced sticking to it. We knew where our money was and how to best put it to work for us. We were really doing it!

We were on the right track, but we were still mastered by fear. We began managing our money with a feverish intensity, tracking every cent we earned and spent. This was insightful, but exhausting. We spent hours every month totaling up all our expenses, categorizing them, and graphing our progress. We tracked everything – how much we spent on produce at the grocery store, and agonized over our budget if the price of carrots spiked unexpectedly.

Then we realized that money doesn’t have to be hard.

We started focusing on and measuring the things that we actually cared about – saving big, living well, and supporting causes we love. We developed a new approach to money, one that was based on confidence and achievement, not fear. We called it our Personal Financial Plan.

Because we laid out our finances in a simple and straightforward way, making financial decisions was suddenly so much easier and less stressful. We knew what our obligations were, how much we needed to save, and how much we could spend with confidence – no more freak-outs over carrot prices.

Some of the things we’ve accomplished with the help our Personal Financial Plan:

  • Paid for two college degrees with zero debt
  • Paid for our wedding in cash, then took a three-month-long honeymoon
  • Bought three great cars without a single loan
  • Left a job we hated without a second thought
  • Started investing 40% of our income in our future
  • Saved a substantial emergency fund
  • Started this business!

We know if we stick to the plan, we can continue living free and achieving even more incredible things, without stress.

Here are a few of the goals we’re saving for right now:

  • Give ourselves three months’ paid maternity leave for our first baby!
  • Invest for financial independence & early “retirement”
  • Create a debt-free multi-generational family home out in the country

My Vision for This Site

I’m not in this for some fly-by-night quick bucks. I’m in this for the long-term with you. Your money doesn’t stop, so I won’t stop either.

You won’t find any affiliate links, ad spaces, or cheesy marketing ploys on I’m committed to never cheapen my relationship with you for advertising dollars. If I recommend something, it’s because I use it, I love it, and I honestly think it will improve your life too – no affiliate incentive needed.

The only thing I want to make money from is directly helping you with things I’ve created myself – my own writing and services.

My vision for this site is to energize, inspire, and motivate you to take action toward mastering money, doing work you love, and living your ultimate (free and secure) life.

We want to create a new financial culture for our family and yours; a culture defined by peace, confidence, and legendary financial independence.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you get fired up about taking control of your money and living life on your own terms. It really is possible to completely transform your finances and your life, and we can’t wait to show you how.

Go forth and be awesome!

See you around,
– Ben